“21 Secrets of Success I Learned From Working With the Military’s Best Generals”

I came across this article on LinkedIn and thought it was highly applicable for entrepreneurs and business leaders. None of this is earth shattering or new, but it’s helpful to be reminded about the basics from time to time.

You can find the original article on the Task and Purpose website.

Point #5 states, Share your Vision. Be able to articulate where we, as an organization, are going and why. To be able to share your vision properly, you must be able to communicate effectively. Points 11 and 12 deal with communication. The best organizations I have worked for are “Flat”, meaning there is an organizational culture of shared consciousness. Everyone knew everything in near real time.

Many people complained there was too much communication, hampering the organization through sheer volume of daily correspondence. Fire these people. Your business will not reach its maximum potential with people who cannot handle shared consciousness at an organizational level.   See points 8 & 10.

If you are a business leader, read this article and assess your leadership across all 21 points. If you feel confident that you are firing on all cylinders, hand this to a trusted subordinate and have them give you feed back across all 21 points. Make necessary course corrections and move out.

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