Beer Review: Wicked Weed Hop Cocoa

Overall: 4 out of 5, great hop aroma and flavor but the chocolate flavors are hidden.

Category: Non-traditional American Porter, traditional US hop and bitterness with additives of Dutch cocoa and cocoa nibs

Appearance: Jet black, off-white head, mild persistence

Aroma: Hops dominate the nose with tropical hop aromas

Mouthfeel: Comes off silky smooth, almost watery but that maybe a result of expectations from the 40 SRM color. Decent carbonic bite in the beginning.

Flavors: The roasted malt and hop flavor drowns out the cocoa nibs and Dutch cocoa powder. Starts with carbonic acid, slight chocolate in the middle, hops and roast malt bitterness in the finish.

Aftertaste: Mix of hops and roast malt in the aftertaste but it doesn’t linger

Food Pairing: I would look for food that can neutralize the bitterness to accentuate the cocoa flavors that are masked by the hops. I would love to try this beer with a mole sauce. The carbonation will reset the palate and the cocoa flavors would play well with a mole sauce.


I encourage you to visit the Wicked Weed website to find out more about this awesome NC gem of a brewery.

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