Beer Review: Brasserie de Silly Burgundy Barrel Aged Scotch Silly

Overall: 4 out of 5, Burgundy Barrel aging gives a great uniqueness to this Wee Heavy

Category: Barrel aged Wee Heavy

Appearance: brown with deep ruby highlights when held up to light. Large tan head that doesn’t persist

Aroma: No noticeable hop aroma, toasted pie crust malt aroma, sweet aroma from the Burgundy barrel aging

Mouthfeel: Full-bodied, slight warmth from the 9.5% ABV, not chewy but the residual sugars give this beer a hefty body, just enough carbonation to help balance out the sweetness on the palate

Flavors: Amazing showcase of complex malt flavors, slight detection of diacetyl, dark fruit esters. Finishes mildly sweet. This is a great beer

Aftertaste: sweet aftertaste, lingers for less than a minute

Food Pairing: This beer has a perfect amount of sweetness and is super complex. I would look to pair this with a meal that would provide complimentary and contrasting flavors. A flank steak with cracked sea salt would provide contrasting umami and salty flavors. A side of baked or mashed sweet potatoes would provide complimentary flavors. The combination of both these foods would allow for some interesting comparisons.

Scotch Silly

I encourage you to visit the Brasserie De Silly website to find out more about this iconic Belgian brewery.

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