Beer Review: Off Color Brewing, Growl

Overall: 4 out of 5, great hop aroma and flavor but the chocolate flavors are hidden.

Category: Quadrupel Ale

Appearance: Deep brown, ruby highlights, off white head with mild persistence

Aroma: Dark (non roasted) malt and Belgian yeast aromas

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body, prickly carbonation

Flavors: Belgian yeast dominates the palate, lots of phenols and dark fruit esters, finishes dry (as one would expect)

Aftertaste: Mix of hops and roast malt in the aftertaste but it doesn’t linger

Food Pairing: This has cheese pairing written all over it. The strong, prickly carbonation will have no problem scrubbing soft cheeses like a brie with sweet dried fruits like plums, figs, etc.

Growl Growl back

I encourage you to visit the Off Color Brewing website to find out more about this Chicago upstart.

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