Draught Beer Done Right: ACC American Cafe

I want to highlight the ACC American Cafe in the Raleigh Durham Airport for spot on beer service. Their draught system is perfectly balanced, their glassware is beer clean & their draught faucets are spotless.

The absence of beer residue on the faucet means the bartenders do not submerge the faucet head into the beer. This is important because beer residue attract spoilage organisms that can infect a draught beer line causing each beer to have off-flavors.


The draught system was in perfect balance. I ordered a Spoaty Oaty Pale Ale from Appalachian Mountain Brewery. The bartender did not need to pour off excess foam while still providing a perfect amount of foam on top of the beer. This means the ACC American Café is maximizing their profits by getting every last drop inside of each keg into customer’s glasses.

Lastly, ACC American Café serves beer in properly clean glassware. Lacing that sticks to the inside of the glass is a sign of beer clean glassware.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but their 3 basin sink is also kept to standard with the rinse basin having continuous clean water. 8 of the 12 draught lines have craft beer as well (4 have Bud Light and Stella).

Awesome job!

If you are a business owner or manager and want to improve your profits through proper draught beer service, reach out to me to find out how simple it really is to maximize your profits.

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