Pilsner Urquell Three Ways

I have very few rules when ordering beer at bars, but one of them is “Never Pass Up Pilsner Urquell On Draught”! If you have never had a chance to enjoy the original Pilsner, you need to find a bottle ASAP. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy Pilsner Urquell in three different traditional ways at a World Of Beer in New York.

Hladinka (Smooth)


This pour is designed for those who just want to drink a pilsner at the pub. The carbonation is lower than the next beer which provides a smoother mouthfeel and restrained bitterness. This is the most sessionable way to enjoy a Pilsner Urquell.

Na Dvakrat (Crisp)


This pour is perfect if you are enjoying a pilsner with a meal. The goal is to maintain the maximum amount of carbonation in the beer for two reasons. First, since you are eating it will take longer to finish your beer, so by keeping the maximum carbonation suspended in the beer, it will take longer to go flat. Second, higher carbonation helps scrub your palate in between bites of food, improving your dining experience.

Mliko (Milk)


This final pour is a great way to end a night of drinking numerous Pilsner Urquell draughts. It is essentially all foam and is called “Milk”. The foam retains the beer flavor in a light, frothy drink. Unfortunately, I did not get a proper Mliko pour but that is probably a factor of Americans not ready to pay $5 for a mug of foam.

Check out these two videos to watch the pouring process.



You can check out World of Beer here to find the closest bar near you.

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