Brew Pub Review: New York Beer Project

Owning a successful brewery is tough, owning a successful restaurant is arguably tougher, owning a brewpub is almost a fools errand. It’s rare you find a brew pub that doesn’t stand out in only one aspect of their service. Usually the beer is good and the food is mediocre or the food is great and the beer is forgettable. The New York Beer Project, in Lockport NY,┬áhas the talent to do both.

One of the things I like about the layout of their building is that there is a distinct separation between the restaurant and the brewery. In the front of the building there is a restaurant that looks great and you would never know you were in a brewpub. The back of the building is the brewery with a traditional tap room where you have access to the full menu. The reason I like this is because it offers a different dining experience depending on what you feel like that night. I ate in the brewery tap room because that is what I enjoy the most.


This is a view from the tap room

The thing that first caught my eye was the largest cold box I have ever seen in a brewpub. Since I am in the industry it was easy to get a behind the scenes tour from the restaurant manager.


Lots of room for growth, NYBP is planning on distributing their beer soon
The NYBP uses beer pumps to transport their beer via the longest long draw I have ever seen.


Enjoying a Saison next to the barrel aging program


There is attention to detail in ever aspect of this Brew Pub

Check out the New York Beer Project, you won’t regret it.

I purposefully didn’t post comments on the menu or beer list since those always change and the value to someone reading this post a month from now would be diminished. Just know the food was amazing and as a beer expert, their brews are great.





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