The Finer Things: Boon Black Label

I don’t have a favorite beer or even beer style, but if you had to pin me to one style it would be Belgian Gueuze. Because these posts are designed to be shorter in length, I will skip the novel that it would take to accurately describe what makes a Gueuze a Gueuze. In layman’s terms, a Gueuze is a blend of 1, 2 & 3 year old Lambics. Lambics are spontaneously fermented beer that take on a range of aromas and flavors derived from wild yeast and souring bacteria. The 1 year old Lambic provides fermentable sugar which carbonates the Gueuze in the bottle. The 3 year old Lambic is responsible for providing complex flavors and aromas that can be described as wet horse blanket and barnyard. No one just stumbles upon a Lambic or Gueuze and loves them. It is an acquired taste.

Currently my beer cellar has 41 bottles that can be described as either Lambic, Gueuze or fruited lambic. That is not including the 12 bottles of Boon Oude Geuze Black Label (Boon spells the word Gueuze differently than the rest) that I just purchased after trying this bottle. I’ll admit that I am early in my Lambic journey, but so far, this Gueuze from Boon is hands down the best Gueuze I have ever tasted. It was a perfect combination between tart and earthy flavors, completely bone dry, and effervescent. I wanted more after every sip.


Don’t pass this bottle up if you are a Gueuze lover.

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