Cooking with Beer: 3rd Attempt

Our third attempt was a winner. Bell’s Oberon infused dijon sauce, Maine muscles, spicy andouille sausage with spinach. When I found a recipe that called for Bell’s Oberon the exact week it was released, I knew I found a winner.


I substituted kale for spinach since we already had an abundance of spinach in the house. The recipe called for a Dijon mustard but I couldn’t pass up the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale mustard on the shelf…no self respecting beer aficionado would! The meal took about 20-30 mins to prepare and cook. The one thing I wish I did differently was to rinse the muscles better to remove the residual sand. The flavors mixed well together and the meal was a hit.

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I also paired this meal with two classic German Hefeweizens, Weihenstephaner & Schneider Weisse Original Tap 7. Both beers paired very well with this dish. After each bite of sausage, the hefeweizens’ sweetness provided a great counterbalance to the heat. Additionally, the muscle flavors blended well with the wheat and clove flavors in the beer.


The Aftermath…


The book, Cooking with Beer, is a lot of fun and I recommend checking it out.


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