Beer and Cheese Pairing: Brett Saison with Stilton Blue Cheese

I believe you cannot truly become a beer expert until you can effectively pair food with beer. So, I am always looking for opportunities to work on my beer and food pairing game. Let me just state up front, on this attempt, I failed.

My thought process was to marry a Brettanomyces Saison with a Stilton Blue Cheese. In theory this is a perfect pairing. The farmhouse aromas and flavors created by Brett should play well with the earthy, funky aromas and flavors of an English style blue cheese. The high carbonation of a saison will scrub the fatty cheese off of your palate between bites. The only thing better would be to enjoy this pairing on a farm, right!?



The reason this pairing didn’t work was because the beer had a slight acidity to it that really didn’t improve the experience of this earthy blue cheese. The Hors Serie Saison Brett, from Les Trois Mousquetaries (The Three Musketeers), had a slight lemon acidity that was quite apparent when matched with the cheese. I was even more embarrassed once I realized the back of the bottle clearly stated there was a funky tartness to this beer.


This left me wondering, I bet this beer would have paired perfectly with a tart goat cheese.

I purchased the Stilton Blue Cheese from Southern Whey, my local artisanal cheese shop in Southern Pines, NC. Who also carries a wide range of cheese options. Lesson Learned, buy more than one kind of cheese!


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