The Importance of Flow Control Faucets in Draught Beer

I work at a craft beer and wine bottle shop that has 16 beers on draught. I also bought myself two Roto Ball Flow Control Faucets from Micro Matic for my home kegerator. That’s when the light bulb went off…why don’t I bring my flow control faucets into work and see how the perform up against standard faucets.


I currently maintain an excel spreadsheet with sales data on each keg that kicks. I am recording: date tapped, date kicked, barrel size, price of the keg, size of the pour, price for the pour, how many pours we sold, how many ounces we didn’t sell and the gross margin.

The initial findings are promising. Here are two videos. The first video is an overly foamy keg poured by a standard faucet. The second video is the same keg, dispensed with my flow control faucet. The results are astounding!


I will continue to update this post as I collect more data, but here are some quick findings.

Average of unsold ounces of beer using standard faucets:

190oz = 14 full pours (16 & 10oz) = $78.87

Average of unsold ounces of beer using flow control faucets:

75oz = 5 full pours (16 & 10oz) = $27.85

By this math, the $150 Roto Ball Flow Control faucets pay for themselves in 3 kegs!

***This business offers free 1-2oz tasting pours. Subtracting the free tasting pours, the flow control faucets had 33oz of unsold beer. This number is most likely high due to accounting errors of the free taster pours.

***UPDATE*** I looked at a specific brand that comes to market quarterly and how much profit our company made from this specific brand at multiple store locations. In April, this 1/2 BBL keg netted $103.81 in profit. In July at a different store location, this same brand netted $106.75 in profit. We had the same keg in July at two store locations and used flow control faucets on one of the kegs. The same keg, poured with flow control faucets netted $363.61. The cost of this faucet is $144.

I am constantly collecting data and refining sales techniques to increase gross margin. If you want to see more of my data, or want any beer related sales advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.



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