Mentors4mil Podcast

I have recently tried my hand at Podcasting as a guest host on the Mentors for Military Podcast. I will provide links below to the podcast episodes and keep updating this post as I participate in more episodes.

This all started on Instagram. I had posted some motivational/success type content on my Instagram page and was later reposted to the Mentors4mil Instagram page. One of the posts really took off and Robert Gowan convinced me to try out podcasting with him and his team.

Let me know if there are any topics you want covered or if we didn’t go deep enough in the topics below.

Episode 94: Resilience and Facing Failure

Episode 95: Being a New Leader in a Seasoned Organization or Unit

Episode 97: Battlefield Stores and How to Make the Best Decisions

Episode 98: Beating the Law of Averages – Going from Good to Great

Podcast Main Page


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