Test Your Assumptions

I have a several businesses in planning and I believe it is vital to test your assumptions under real world conditions. To be clear, all of my business plans are in the craft beer industry, so there is a symbiotic relationship between them. I also believe in the minimum viable product (MVP) concept that is heavily used in the Tech Industry.

This past month I was able to go step by step through one of by business plans, without devoting any significant amount of capital. I brewed a batch of beer, sold that beer to a company and then served that beer to paying customers.

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Nothing I just did is earth shattering, this business model is executed thousands of times a day across our country. But, I proved that I could do it, without diving head first into the deep end.

The next step in the process is to prove that I can develop a beer recipe that people will gladly pay me for a pint.

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