You cannot build resiliency without exposing yourself to extreme risk of disappointment

It seems like everyone is stating the importance of being resilient, especially in the business world. The trouble is, not many people talk about how to build resiliency. No one is born resilient, it’s acquired through life experiences. There are two types of experiences that allow individuals an opportunity to build resiliency, accidental and intentional. If tragedy strikes, you have the unfortunate opportunity to build resiliency. Someone who loses their leg in a motorcycle crash has an opportunity to build resiliency. If you’re lucky and tragedy doesn’t strike, you need intentional experiences to build resiliency. That means you have to put yourself out there and risk failure twice. Why twice? If you put yourself out there and risk failure, but succeed on the first try, you didn’t build resiliency. Resiliency only grows from failure. The way to build resiliency is to fail, asses why YOU failed, address those reasons why and re-attack. ⠀

I didn’t pass SFAS on my first try. This picture is the exact event I couldn’t complete. I took time to address why I FAILED, retrained and tried SFAS again. In doing so, I had to pass on plush infantry assignments (Italy, Hawaii, etc.) before re-attacking SFAS. That’s when fate struck. Not only did I have to pass ammo crate carry again, I had to lead the team during this event. I either succeeded and earned a chance to become a Green Beret or get the left over infantry slot at Ft. Hood and rejoin the Infantry Branch as a failure. ⠀

As the leader of this event, if I failed, it would be completely my fault and no one else’s. It’s a different feeling when your back is up against the wall. If you don’t know what this sink or swim pressure feels like, you are missing out. ⠀

“Comfort zones are places where average people do mediocre things”. James Watt⠀

Are you comfortable?

You can check out the Mentors4Mil Podcast I did here.

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