Cicerone Resources

Here is a list of helpful resources I used studying for the Certified Cicerone® exam. Just in case you somehow stumbled upon my site before finding the Cicerone Certification Program. Make a habit of routinely checking the site out for updated study material.

The Beer Scholar: I cannot stress the importance of Chris Cohen’s due diligence and hard work. He put together a beautiful study guide for a very low cost of $60 considering the amount of information you get handed to you on a silver platter. The 3 practice tests alone are probably worth $60. Here is a pic of my 3rd and final practice test I was taking while sitting in the tap room/restaurant of an Asheville area brewery.

Brewer’s Association Draught Beer Quality Site: There is a lot of good useful information on this page whether you are studying for the test or just working in the industry. Click here for a free PDF of the Draught Beer Quality Manual, which is essential knowledge for passing the test.

Buy them, read them, know them
Buy them, read them, know them

Download the BJCP App: The Beer Judge Certification Program has a great app for your phone that lets you read the specific characteristics of each testable style, while you enjoy a pint. I, like many others, would nerd out at the bar reading the BJCP notes as I enjoyed a commercial example of that particular style. Its free and you need it.