Cicerone Training

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Cicerone® Certification Program. I simply passed the Certified Cicerone® exam and want to help others achieve this monumental certification.

I provide expert training to prospective Certified Cicerone® candidates for a nominal fee. While there are volumes of great content to help you pass the written portion of the test (Pro Tip: take advantage of The Beer Scholar), there are very few opportunities to get professional training to pass the tasting exam. On exam day, it is common to see a small flood of individuals walk in after the written portion is complete to retake the tasting portion. I want to help you avoid this!

Let’s talk finances for a moment. Forget about all the money you invested to take the test. It costs $100 to retest the tasting exam. Most likely, you will buy at least one more Off Flavor kit practicing for the retest. The kit, shipping costs and the beer needed will run you roughly $170. That still does not take into account any money spent on the 71 testable beer styles or transportation/lodging costs to retake the test.

I am offering a 5 week (meet once a week) training program that includes two Off-Flavor trainings plus 3 blind tasting practice sessions. Each blind tasting is designed to register key style aspects that will help you on test day and consists of tasting 6 beers per session. Here is the kicker! The second Off-Flavor training is administered under test like conditions to get you ready for the pressure of test day. If you conducted this training on your own (like I did) it will cost you no less than $400. I am offering this training to you for $200. A nominal fee when you consider it costs roughly $400 to prepare for the test and another $300 to study and take the retest. I’ll be honest, I spent cover $1,000 (2 off-flavor kits, books, buying close to 71 different styles, travel expenses and test registration) to adequately train and successfully pass the Cicerone test on my first try.

I used the experience I gained as an Army Special Forces (Green Beret) soldier to develop my training plan and it worked flawlessly. I attached my Cicerone test scores below to prove that my training method absolutely worked.

img_0324There is one final aspect of this training program…timing. This program is best executed in the final two months leading up to your test day. Reach out to me below so we can talk about timing this training to increase the likelihood of you crushing the tasting exam!